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MuscleGodBrendan’s Slave Muscle & Feet Worship

musclegodbrendan-slave-muscle-feet-worshipMuscleGod Brendan has another encounter with an excited fan in this video, the masked worshiper! Brendan crushes his twink, who also loves the smell of Brendan’s post-workout stench and sweat. Brendan makes him smell his pits and lick his muscles, but later crushes the twink by sitting on his face while flexing over him. Brendan makes the twink worship his stinky feet in his face, and then gives him a good servicing- with a huge cumshot over the mirror.

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MuscleGodBrendan Muscle & Feet Worship

musclegodbrendan-muscle-feet-worshipIn this video, watch Brendan get very cocky and intense! Brendan is very dominant and shows off his muscles and feet for the camera as he worships himself. Brendan then proceeds to strip, showing his hard cock and muscular ass. Later, Brendan strokes and shows off his massive uncut cock, before shooting a big load standing above the camera and on top of it!

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