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MuscleGod Brendan vs. Tarzan

musclegodbrendan-vs-tarzanWatch MuscleGod Brendan take on and wrestle a ripped Tarzan look-alike on the rooftop and then in the hot tub. Tarzan tries to overcome Brendan but of course is unsuccessful. Claudio joins them as well in the video and wrestles the both of them in the pool!

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MuscleGod Brendan Fucks the Skinny Worshiper

mgbwsExclusive video! A customer calls MuscleGod Brendan into his apartment to do a paintjob. Instead of leaving, he admires Brendan and wants to worship him–but Brendan becomes quite irritated, so he decides to give his customer a good fucking! He wrestles him as well, throwing him around before pinning him down to the bed. This is a video that you will absolutely enjoy!

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MuscleGod Brendan & Joey Jordan: Volume III

jbv3Exclusive video! In this third video with MuscleGod Brendan and ¬†muscle stud Joey Jordan, watch MuscleGod Brendan worship Joey’s huge pecs and Joey worship Brendan’s huge 19″ biceps as they both get uncontrollably horny and explode at each other’s muscles! Also, watch the both of them pump up their big muscles, as both of them get extremely horny!
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MuscleGod Brendan & Joey Jordan: Volume II

vol2imgExclusive video only on! In this second featured film with Joey Jordan, watch MuscleGod Brendan engage in very intense, sweaty and verbal worship with Joey Jordan! Watch as MuscleGod Brendan and Joey Jordan turn each other on through their worshipping and as Joey Jordan flexes his huge pecs on top of MuscleGodBrendan’s face. Then, later on watch both Brendan and Joey blow after engaging in worship and hot action, and then rub around on each other’s bodies!
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MuscleGod Brendan & Joey Jordan – Volume I

jb2Exclusive video, which can only be found on! In the first scenes, watch MuscleGod Brendan and huge muscle stud Joey Jordan engage in a hot and steamy worship session! It is then followed by Joey Jordan and MuscleGod Brendan getting on the bed and getting each other off while worshiping each other’s huge muscles–followed by the both of them exploding their huge loads and then rubbing it on each other! The final climax results in a massively explosive ending.

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